Non Binary (They/Them) | Pansexual | Demisexual
Independent, self taught Musician + Artist

Commissions: Temporarily Closed

I really wish I knew how to make an actual website to make it better :(


Here are the prices for what I offer. From sketches, full colored animations, and everything in between!Things to keep in mind:
- Payments only via Paypal or Cashapp
- Payment after Sketch (If you choose sketch, it is upfront)
- I only offer what is provided
- Prices may be higher depending on character complexity

Prices Update!

Most prices have been lowered overall, enjoy yourself a cool piece!


One simple headshot sketch with a front or side view that, if chosen, bops!

Sketch Concept

Static - $10

Single Color

Static - $20
Animated - $25

Full Color

Static - $30
Animated - $40


More experimental works that test my own skill!
WARNING: Every commission will vary on quality, these are more to push my limits and improve my skill)

"Peek" YCH

Static - $40
Animated - $45

Half Body

Static - $55
Animated - Unavailable

More Soon!

  • Commercial use: +50%

  • Hidden Commission*: +100%

*For those who want to keep the commission under the radar (No posts will be made for the commission and only you as the commissioner will know about it).

Terms Of Service

Before commissioning me/getting any art from me, I REALLY recommend you take a read.
This set of rules apply to any of my art whether it was paid or free. Being a nuisance will get you blacklisted from my commissions and raffles, removing the ability to commission or enter any of my raffles.

Before Commissioning

  • Please, approach me with respect, I am a person just like you.

  • Make sure to have a clear reference of the character you want me to draw ready. This can be achieved by providing a reference sheet or a head-shot of such character. I cannot improvise characters with only descriptions. (NSFW/LEWD references are allowed, just make sure to censor them and/or let me know beforehand)

  • Also make sure to have a clear idea on how you want your commission to look like. While it will not be exactly how you want, once I set on a style, I can't go back to do any big changes.

  • Make sure to have extra funds in case any fees get in the way.

  • Best way to contact me is through Discord (EnderSpritz). Make sure your first message states that you are interested in commissioning me, I won't accept message request just saying "Hi" (Blame discord bots).

  • Since I'm still a rookie at art, I can't really get ideas exactly how you want them. Due to this, I will take artistic freedon in most, if not all commissions I get, once I am confident I can get ideas right, this line will get removed.

During Commission

  • Feel free to ask for updates, updates will be provided when I'm working on your commission. If you are ever concerned about the commission, you can contact me and I will give you an update if I'm working on it or not.

  • Payment is after sketch. You can ask for a few minor changes for free before being charged with small fees. Bigger/More changes will result in larger fees. If contact gets cut after sketch is provided and I do not get a payment, you will get blacklisted.

  • Sketch/Concept commissions are payment upfront and I won't begin working until I have recieved payment.

  • My turnaround time is maximum a month. You will be notified if something gets in the way that might prolong that time.

  • I am allowed to post the sketch provided on social medias to promote my brand/self and/or use it as an example.*

  • Once done with your commission, you will be provided a google drive link with two versions of your finished piece (One with a watermark and one without it). Posting the watermarked version to social media is advised but not necessary. (The links won't last forever so take it while it is still there).

After Commission

  • I am allowed to post the finished piece on any of the social medias I partake in, and depending on the social media, you will get tagged. If you wish not to get tagged let me know.*

  • You may not use my work to sell merchandise or use in any commercial way. While you can make merchandise, it should only be for personal use/yourself.**

  • Do not claim to be the person who made it.

  • Crediting is not required, but highly appreciated. (Specially if you post the watermark-less version)

  • You can always come back to me and ask for any alternative versions to the character/piece (this goes for people who maybe want a version with a different expression, background color, etc).***


  • You are not allowed to use my work to feed AI (Artificial Intelligence). This means you are not allowed to put my work on AI programs to tamper the original work.

  • You are not allowed to use my work for any Cryptocurrency and/or NFT projects.

  • Do not use my work for any offensive purposes. My profile is a safe space, and regardless of your opinion/ideologies, you should treat everybody with respect.

  • If you have any questions regarding the Terms of Service, or any question that may not be here, don't be afraid to DM me, I will answer the best I can!

*If you didn't purchased as a hidden commission.
**If you didn't purchased with/for commercial use.
***Only available for single colored icons.


Ko-Fi Links

Links where you can mainly contact me, commission me and other means of support.

Ko-Fi Commissions


Ko-Fi Membership


All the other places you can contact me and find me around! The list goes from most to least active.





X (Twitter)


About Me


While I do art, my bigger passion is music! Ever since I was a kid, I have always dreamed of being a DJ, but I never knew how to get started or where to get any tools. One day I find this game called "Friday Night Funkin'" and saw a community of small artists and musicians, boosting my inspiration and seeing that it is possible. Regardless if you like the game/community or not, they taught me how to begin, and so I did. It has not been easy, but if you have passion over something you want to do, it will completely outweigh the difficulty, you won't even notice you have improved!

Here is some examples!
(Some are loud, I recommend lowering your volume before playing any of these)


I like to play a wide variety of games, racing, party games, rhythm, VR, dungeon crawlers, grindy games and more! Only genre I'm not comfortable is horror, but if it is good, I still might try it. My game library is not big due to lack of funds. But If we share a game in common, I'm most likely up to play it!Games I mostly play are Fortnite, FNF (Friday Night Funkin'), Minecraft, VR Chat and probrably more due to current trendy games like Lethal Company.

Social Life

I would absolutely love to be more social! But due to my severe anxiety problems I tend to mostly avoid it. I tend to have a limited amount of friends to not overwhelm myself, but still love to meet new faces! If you ever want to chat with me, feel free to! I'm usually free on time and would rather spend it with some peeps rather than doing nothing. Don't expect super quick responses if on twitter DMs tho, twitter doesn't like notifying me of new messages. I'm not good when it comes to keeping up with people, so pardon me if I don't respond for a bit. I love playing with people and talk, so if you want to play something, we can! If you ever have a problem with me, please let me know. I will do my best to resolve the situation.Do not befriend me just to receive free art. It is rare I hand out anything for free and even less if I barely know you.

If you read everything, thank you for spending your time just to know a little more about me, highly apreciate it. 💜

Public Discord

Personal Account

If you are contacting to commission me. Please use "Personal Account"
and state on your first message you want to commission me.
Example: Hello, I am interested to commission you!
This is due to discord bots just saying "Hi" just to reply asking me to commission them or download their "game projects" (Token Grabbers).
If you just want to chat, also state such. Anything other than a "Hi" or "Hello" works.
I won't be accepting any friend requests until we chat for a little bit, just to know you are not a discord bot, you may be unfriended after a commission has been fully completed, this is to keep my friend list clean.
Same goes if our chat dies quickly and don't talk to eachother again.